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Dr. Matt Dye to present at CHScom2017

On June 21, lab PI Dr. Matt Dye will be presenting the first wave of data from our NSF study of temporal selective attention in deaf children at CHScom2017 in Linköping, Sweden. His talk is titled, “Deafness-related deficits in temporal attention: hearing loss or linguistic deprivation?”...

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deafxlab members in front of poster at SRCD2017

Very proud of Sarah Kimbley and Brennan Terhune-Cotter. They co-presented a poster with early data from our NSF study of temporal attention development in DHH children at SRCD2017 in Austin, TX.

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Farewell to Chloé Stoll

A sad farewell to Chloé Stoll, as she returns to France to continue her PhD studies. Chloé was so much fun to have around, an amazing colleague, and she even spent 30 minutes of her farewell party collecting data. Look out for some great articles...

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