New article accepted for publication in Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education

Congratulations to Chloé Stoll on being lead author on Stoll, C., Palluel-Germain, R., Caldara, R., Lao, J., Dye, M.W.G., Aptel, F., and Pascalis, O. (2017). Face recognition is shaped by the use of sign language. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, DOI: A preprint request is available on the Publications page.

New NIH Grant: Neurocognitive Plasticity in Young Deaf Adults – Effects of Cochlear Implantation and Sign Language Exposure

The deaf x lab is excited to announce a new collaboration with Prof. Anu Sharma of the University of Colorado at Boulder. With funding from NIH, we will be conducting a large scale study of neuroplasticity in young deaf adults. More details to follow, as well as an upcoming search for a postdoctoral research fellow. Read more about New NIH Grant: Neurocognitive Plasticity in Young Deaf Adults – Effects of Cochlear Implantation and Sign Language Exposure[…]

Presentations for SRCD 2017

Several members of the deafxlab will be attending and presenting at the Biennial Society for Research in Child Development in Austin TX next April. As part of the symposium on Linguistic Regulation of Executive Function: Evidence from Deaf Children, Dr. Dye will be presenting on the topic of “Does Audition Drive the Development of Domain-General Sequencing Read more about Presentations for SRCD 2017[…]

deafxlab presents at Psychonomics Society

Dr. Matt Dye and Chloé Stoll – visiting Fulbright Scholar – both presented posters at the Psychonomic Society 2016 meeting in Boston in November. Dr. Dye’s poster was titled Emotional Face Processing in Deaf and Hearing Bilinguals, and Chloé’s poster was on Face Recognition, But Not Categorization Differs in Sign Language Users Irrespective of Hearing Status. Read more about deafxlab presents at Psychonomics Society[…]

New Article Accepted for Publication in Hearing Research

Congratulations to graduate student Jenessa Seymour (currently Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology at Colgate University). Her research on cross-modal plasticity in deaf adults using the event-related optical signal has been accepted for publication in Hearing Research. A preprint can be requested form the Publications page. Seymour, J.L., Low, K., Maclin, E., Chiarelli, A., Mathewson, K., Read more about New Article Accepted for Publication in Hearing Research[…]

SURF Student Presents at Undergraduate Research Symposium

Sarah Kimbley, a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow in the lab, presented her research today on the development of visual selective attention. NTID was well represented at the RIT Undergraduate Research Symposium, and Sarah did a great job. She’ll complete her research for her senior honors thesis in the Department of Psychology.

Lab Welcomes Fulbright Scholar, Chloé Stoll

Chloé Stoll, a doctoral student with Olivier Pascalis at Université Pierre Mendès France, was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to spend six months working at RIT/NTID in the deaf x lab. While she’s here, Chloé will be conducting research on the effects of deafness and signing on visual skills, and learning American Sign Language. Welcome to Rochester, Read more about Lab Welcomes Fulbright Scholar, Chloé Stoll[…]