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The deaf x lab is located in Rosica Hall 2151 – a state-of-the-art research facility at NTID opened in 2014. lab2The lab has a 16-channel active dry electrode actiCAP Xpress EEG system by BrainVision. Stimuli can be presented using Matlab or Paradigm software. We have a selection of CRT monitors for vision studies, as well as high end LCDs with fast response times. The lab also houses an SR Eyelink 1000 eye tracker.  In addition to these facilities, the lab has a range of Mac and PC laptops available for students to use, iPad tablets for mobile data collection and app development, and psychological tests such as the BRIEF, K-BIT 2, and PIAT-R/NU.

lab1The deaf x lab is affiliated with the NTID Center on Cognition and Language (NCCL) next door in Rosica Hall 2160. This provides students with access to workspaces, professional development workshops, networking opportunities, and videoconferencing facilities. The NCCL is a vibrant research center with faculty, postdocs, graduate, and undergraduate students working together on a large number of funded research projects.imgres

Students can access a Marco Goldmann perimeter in the Vision Diagnostics Lab at RIT/NTID. This device can be used for visual field analysis, static perimetry, and kinetic perimetry.

Lab members also have access to the Communication Research Laboratory in LBJ 3781. This newly renovated facility has double-walled sound booths that are suitable for audiological, psychophysical and psychophysiological measurements. The CRL has recently acquired a 128-channel EGI Geodesic high-density EEG system.