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Geo Kartheiser: About
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Dr. Geo Karthesier

Post Doctoral Scholar 

Geo Kartheiser is a postdoctoral fellow under the mentorship of Dr. Matthew Dye, Ph.D. in the DeafxLab at Rochester Institute of Technology. He received his BS in Advertising and Public Relations at RIT. In his first post-baccalaureate job, he worked as a Research Coordinator for Dr. Dye in Crossmodal Plasticity Laboratory at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After his 2 and half year stint in Urbana-Champaign, he moved to Washington, D.C. where he earned his Ph.D. in Educational Neuroscience at Gallaudet University (Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto, Advisor). His Ph.D. work focused on whether experience with sign language, a visual-spatial language, improves your ability to perform other things spatially-related. He is currently running--with Dr. Dye’s (PI) guidance--a large scale research study of neuroplasticity as a result of cochlear implant and sign language in deaf and hard-of-hearing college students. True to his background as an Educational Neuroscientist, he aims to make his findings accessible to parents, medical professionals, and policymakers so that they may make research informed decisions. Spatial working memory, bilingualism, signed language, cochlear implant, and neuroplasticity are some of his research interests.

In his down time, he likes to try new restaurants and go out for a bicycle ride with his partner.

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